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‘All Disease Begins in the Gut’ — Hippocrates

March 4, 2024 Hippocrates (c. 460 BC – c. 370 BC) is regarded as the father of modern medicine. Although he lived around 2,400 years ago, his aphorisms are still widely used today. A new


Macular Pigment Assessment in Eye Care

February 2, 2024 The macular pigment carotenoids, mainly lutein, zeaxanthin, and meso-zeaxanthin, are xanthophylls that uniquely accumulate in the macula, the central part of the retina responsible for sharp, detailed vision.1, 2 The macular pigment,

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Sometimes, It’s Not What You’re Eating, But What’s Eating You

November 22, 2023 Stress, simply put, is a killer. Chronic stress affects the immune system and contributes to sustained inflammation in the body which impacts ocular health and contributes to ocular disease. The neuroendocrinology researcher,

The Ocular Health & Wellness Education Initiative eResource

“Ocular Health and Wellness: It’s Evidence Based,” features articles by leaders in the field of ocular health and nutrition, curated by Chief Clinical Editor Julie Poteet, OD, MS, CNS, FOWNS, immediate past president, Ocular Wellness

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Melatonin: Will It Be the New Vitamin D? 

August 29, 2023 Until recently, melatonin has been thought of primarily as the “sleep hormone.” The long held belief in scientific research has been that our pineal glands, in response to the light/dark cycle, produced

Image showing diabetic retinopathy

Diabetes and the Eye: Why Nutrition Matters

June 7, 2023 “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is today” — Chinese proverb Diabetic retinopathy represents a leading cause of vision loss globally, and the

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Can a Healthy Diet Affect Open-Angle Glaucoma?

April 26, 2023 Poor diet is the leading cause of mortality in the United States, causing more than half a million deaths per year.1 In a 2019 article in The New York Times, “Our Food

Target ‘Inflammaging’ to Promote Healthy Aging

Target ‘Inflammaging’ to Promote Healthy Aging

April 11, 2023 Doctors are taught that there are two types of inflammation, acute and chronic. Acute inflammation is characterized by short duration and represents the body’s healing response to a sudden insult. Chronic inflammation

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