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Why Personalized Medicine Is Not Widely Adopted in Eye Care

January 29, 2024 The idea of personalized medicine in health care offers exciting possibilities. It uses an individual’s genetic profile to help make decisions regarding the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. It becomes a

Vision Loss geographic atrophy

2023 – The Year of Geographic Atrophy

December 20, 2023 As we wind down to the end 2023, the year will no doubt be remembered for finally having FDA-approved treatments for geographic atrophy (GA). That’s right, treatments plural; not just one but

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Hope is Now – Understanding Geographic Atrophy (GA)

peer reviewed November 29, 2023 The late Sidney Poitier poignantly noted that, “Hope is the eternal tool in the survival kit of mankind.” I couldn’t agree more. Progressive and blinding diseases are not new. However,

ForeseeHome AMD Monitoring Device

A Better Way to Manage Dry AMD

June 26, 2023 In the current era of modern technology, why are we still recommending an Amsler grid to our patients with macular degeneration? The Amsler grid dates back to 1947 and is named after

When Should Patients with Diabetic Retinopathy be Treated?

May 24, 2023 One of the most controversial topics surrounding the management of diabetic retinopathy revolves around when patients should be treated. Should we follow the traditional path of waiting until patients develop proliferative diabetic

Once You See Them, You Can’t Unsee Them: AMD Biomarkers

April 24, 2023 There has been a lot of attention around age-related macular degeneration (AMD) over the past several months with the approval of pegcetacoplan for the treatment of geographic atrophy (GA) as well as

Geographic Atrophy: Hope on the Horizon

Geographic Atrophy: Hope on the Horizon

April 11, 2023 The buzz in the retina community is the potential of finally having a treatment for geographic atrophy (GA), the dry, atrophic form of macular degeneration. It is expected that by the first

Presbyopia, Pilocarpine, and Retinal Complications

Presbyopia, Pilocarpine, and Retinal Complications

April 11, 2023 One of the holy grails in eye care has been finding a cure for presbyopia that doesn’t involve spectacle lenses or contact lenses. Near the end of 2021, Allergan came the closest

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