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Refractive Surgery

Dr. Marc Bloomenstein utilizing the LDD on patient with LAL

Encino Man Meets LAL: A Hyperopic Tale

March 4, 2024 For every generation, there is the progression of change and the loss of simplicity. In our profession it is not so much that we are finding new diagnosis, rather we are finding

cataract surgery

Expanding Your Role in Managing Cataract Patients

December 7, 2023 If you have read any of the articles that I have contributed to Review of Presbyopia and the Aging Eye, you will clearly know of my affinity for cataract surgery and how

LASIK eye surgery

Can I Get LASIK?

September 26, 2023 In this digital age of instant access, we can stay siloed to only hear the messages we want to hear. Think about yourself. Do you view X (the platform formerly known as

Vuity eye drops

Make it Clear for Your Pseudophakes

June 20, 2023 For most patients, newer technology, advancements in surgery, and pharmacological breakthroughs may seem to appear too late after they have already undergone cataract surgery. This may be true as it pertains to

Image of an EVO ICL

A More Modernized Intraocular Lens

April 11, 2023 STAAR Surgical of Monrovia, California, has perfected its implantable intraocular lens. Yes, the ICL has been improved beyond the already existing, vision-changing, and arguably life-altering refractive status. So, all of those moderately

The Good News and Bad News of Toric IOLs

The Good News and Bad News of Toric IOLs

April 11, 2023 Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A man walks into an optometrist’s office complaining of blurry vision. After thoroughly examining the patient, the doctor informs him that he has a

Here’s Why the View Can Truly Be Better as We Age

Here’s Why the View Can Truly Be Better as We Age

April 11, 2023 “Getting old is like climbing a mountain; you get a little out of breath, but the view is much better!” While that quote is from classic film star Ingrid Bergman, I can

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