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Education: The Catalyst for Optometric Excellence

July 10, 2023

Education stands as a fundamental pillar in the practice of optometry, enabling practitioners to provide the utmost level of care for their patients. It demands unwavering discipline and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, keeping abreast of the ever-evolving landscape of pharmacological and technical breakthroughs within the field of optometry and medicine at large.

As an esteemed member of the lecture circuit for over three decades, I feel honored to contribute to the intellectual development of our colleagues. Moreover, I take great pride in witnessing my three children, who now stride down the same path, traversing the nation to disseminate indispensable educational courses. I remember my first major lecture at a national meeting. My friend, Murray Fingeret, told me our mentor, Lou Catania, had a panel on EBMD and corneal erosion, and would I like to be the third speaker? Oh, yes, a lecture at the Academy with Lou and Murray! Thanks Murray, I will never forget that day.

In awe of the outstanding dedication exhibited by my peers, I stand witness to their tireless efforts in perfecting cutting-edge advancements in eye care while shouldering the responsibility of imparting this wisdom unto others. Monetary remuneration aside, the countless hours invested away from their practices are rewarded by the profound satisfaction of nurturing professional growth and observing the transformative impact of shared knowledge on fellow practitioners and their patients.

Therefore, I implore you, as an esteemed audience member, to deliver a resounding round of applause in appreciation of these speakers, acknowledging their invaluable contributions to the field.

I have noticed a notable surge in the number of key opinion leaders in recent years. A new generation of brilliant and devoted optometrists has emerged, carrying the torch of progress forward. Their unwavering dedication to quality education and the upholding of rigorous professional standards profoundly impresses me. To truly expand and flourish as a profession, this monumental task lies in the hands of our newest graduates.

As states broaden the horizons of eye care, mandating additional continuing education (CE) hours, a diverse cohort of optometrists has risen to the occasion, offering these vital courses. These educators seamlessly integrate these novel procedures into their own practices, willingly sacrificing their weekends to enlighten our profession. The unwavering enthusiasm and dedication displayed by these individuals serve as a testament to the collective ambition within our ranks.

Thus, I seize this moment to express my deepest gratitude to all educators who tirelessly contribute to our knowledge and professional growth. This Review of Presbyopia and the Aging Eye is dedicated to supporting these educators by furnishing them with new and up-to-the-minute educational articles.

Through unity, education, and a spirit of collaboration, we can forge a path of continuous advancement in optometry, culminating in the delivery of unparalleled care to our cherished patients.


  • Jack L. Schaeffer, OD, FAAO, Chief Clinical Editor

    Dr. Schaeffer is a native of Charleston, South Carolina. He practiced in Birmingham, Alabama, where he was also president of an 18-location group practice and a refractive laser center. Dr. Schaeffer lectures internationally and serves on many industry boards and advisory panels. He is involved with many clinical studies on contact lenses, pharmaceuticals, and equipment. He has recently authored a miniseries on the history of contact lenses and the contact lens specialty practice. He was an Executive Associate Editor of the International Contact Lens Leadership Summit and the developer and Editor of the series, Optometry Scene. Dr. Schaeffer also served as Chairman of the Contact Lens and Cornea Section of the American Optometric Society. He served as board member and fundraising chairman for Optometry Cares: The AOA Foundation and the GPLI Institute. Dr. Schaeffer is on the College of Charleston School of Business Board of Governors. Dr. Schaeffer is involved in multiple community, charitable, and political organizations in Alabama and South Carolina.

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