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Kirk Smick, OD

Bausch Lomb Biotrue Eye Care

Growing Number of Eye Care Practices are Opting to Go Green

December 15, 2023 Going green is something many professionals are doing, including those of us in the optical industry. The concept has become so popular that you’ll find sustainability articles in the news daily. More

Hoya lenses

Hoya’s iD MyStyle 2: A Progressive Lens Whose Time Has Come

August 28, 2023 The technology behind the design and manufacturing of PALs (progressive addition lenses) has improved immensely during the past several years. I can still remember my first bifocal patient in the Pacific University

Senior lady wearing blue-light filter glasses looking at tablet

Don’t Let Your Presbyopes Suffer from the Blues

June 20, 2023 While all individuals are at risk for damage from high energy visible (HEV) blue light, presbyopes may be most at risk. Light can be both beneficial and harmful to our vision and

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