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Bruder Introduces Air-Activated ‘Eyedration’ Moist Heat Eye Mask  

A woman wearing Eydration Bt Bruder eye mask

October 25, 2023

ATLANTA – Bruder Healthcare, a Hilco Vision Company, has announced the addition of an on-the-go, single-use, moist heat eye mask, Eyedration by Bruder, for those suffering from dry, tired eyes. The mask, which begins heating once opened and exposed to the air, generates therapeutic moist heat to help maintain tear production.

An estimated 50 million1 U.S. adults suffer from the symptoms of dry eye disease. Eyedration joins the Bruder Healthcare family of products designed to treat dry eye, including the microwave-activated Bruder Moist Heat Compress, hygienic lid wipes, HOCl solution spray, and the new hyper-hydration drink mix, the Dry Eye Drink by Bruder. Eyedration by Bruder is sold in a 10-mask pouch.

“Eyedration provides doctors with a one-time-use product for patients who have added manual expression and debridement of the eyelids to their practice menu,” said Joshua Davidson, founder of The Dry Eye Drink LLC.

Clogged glands in the eyelids are a common ailment, due to people’s decreased blink rate, a common problem in the United States and abroad, brought on by the extended use of digital screens, medications, dehydration, eye surgeries, contact lens wear, aging, menopause, and other health-related issues.

“As a complement to our respected Bruder moist heat eye compress, the Eyedration mask provides a convenient way to maintain your eye health regimen when traveling, or where a microwave is not available,” said Brent Jones, Global Head of Dry Eye for Hilco Vision and General Manager at Bruder Healthcare.

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