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The Ocular Health & Wellness Educational Initiative eResource Launches

Ocular Health and Wellness cover

November 1, 2023

Jobson Medical Information has the launched the Ocular Health & Wellness Education Initiative, consisting of a comprehensive eResource and CE webinar. “Ocular Health and Wellness: It’s Evidence Based,” features articles by leaders in the field of ocular health and nutrition, curated by Chief Clinical Editor Julie Poteet, OD, MS, CNS, FOWNS, immediate past president, Ocular Wellness & Nutrition Society (OWNS). Dr. Poteet is also the category editor of the Nutrition section of Review of Presbyopia and the Aging Eye. Topics covered include: Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Ocular Health, Carotenoids in Eye Health, Medical Nutrition in Clinical Practice, and much more about how nutrition, exercise, and overall health and wellness affect vision. Download the eResource here.

Learn more about these topics:

  • Medical Nutrition in Clinical Practice
  • Can a Healthy Diet Affect Open-Angle Glaucoma?
  • One Solution in the Battle Against Dry Eye: Nutrition
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Ocular Health
  • How to Incorporate Nutrition into the Primary Care Practice
  • The Profound Impact of Sleep on Ocular Health
  • Carotenoids in Eye Health

“A wellness revolution is occurring in health care with eye doctors poised to be at the forefront of early intervention,” said Dr. Poteet. “As the only human tissue allowing a direct, noninvasive visualization of the microvascular circulation and central nervous system, retinal evaluation and imaging allow eye doctors to identify disease risks early and recommend evidence-based interventions that can mitigate the course of disease and promote wellness. The eyes, therefore, are truly the windows to health.”

DOWNLOAD the Ocular Health & Wellness eResource here.


CLICK here to view a video of the webinar.  

Speakers:  Jeff Anshel, OD, FAAO, Julie Poteet, OD, MS, CNS, FONS and Neda Gioia, OD, CNS, FOWNS, CFMP


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