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Harrow Partners with Top Health Care Tech Platforms to Distribute VEVYE

VEVYE eye drops
Photo courtesy of Novaliq GmbH

January 4, 2024

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Harrow  announced that it has partnered with three leading health care technology platforms to expand U.S. availability of VEVYE (cyclosporine ophthalmic solution) 0.1%, a patented, non‑preserved, twice-daily (BID) dosed, ophthalmic solution prescription drug based on a “water-free” semifluorinated alkane (SFA) eye drop technology. VEVYE, uniquely dispensed in a 10 microliter drop, is the first and only cyclosporine-based product indicated for treating both signs and symptoms of dry eye disease (DED).

These are Harrow’s three market access partnerships for VEVYE:

  • PhilRx is an innovative patient access platform that provides end-to-end visibility into the entire prescription life cycle, starting when the eye care professional writes a VEVYE prescription electronically to PhilRx directly from their electronic health record. Using the PhilRx platform simplifies the prior authorization process (PA) for physicians by providing one-click submission of PAs, streamlining the insurance coverage process for patients, and increasing the chances of insurance reimbursement.
  • Apollo Care is a comprehensive program designed to establish and manage copay program deployment, optimizing patient access and affordability of VEVYE.
  • PARx Solutions is a web-based technology stack that helps prescribers – free of charge – overcome cumbersome, frustrating, and time-consuming challenges resulting from prior authorizations, thus ensuring that patients get the medication prescribed.

“Harrow was founded on a commitment to patient access. Our 360-degree approach to market access for VEVYE, including these new partnerships with PhilRx, Apollo Care, and PARx, is designed to ensure that all patients who can benefit from VEVYE and who are prescribed VEVYE – can get VEVYE,” said Mark L. Baum, chairman and chief executive officer of Harrow.

“We believe VEVYE represents an important new prescription choice in the U.S. dry eye disease market, and we are excited to streamline the prior authorization process, guiding patients through their insurance coverage and ensuring competitive pricing – with minimum hassle. Harrow’s VEVYE market access program perfectly aligns with our commitment to providing physicians and their patients with innovative and affordable ophthalmic pharmaceutical products, and the Harrow team eagerly anticipates the availability of VEVYE – next week.”


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