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MacuHealth’s New LifeMeter Measures Patients’ Carotenoid Levels

LifeMeter portable, non-invasive device to measure carotenoid levels

April 19, 2023

BIRMINGHAM, Mich. – MacuHealth has introduced LifeMeter, a portable, non-invasive device that measures the presence of carotenoids in patients. Carotenoids in the macular pigment protect the retina from damage caused by blue light and oxidative stress.

Because science has established a connection between the level of carotenoids in the skin and the concentration in the patient’s macular pigment, LifeMeter’s spectrophotometer determines the concentration of carotenoids in a patient’s skin to empower optometrists to assess a patient’s dietary status and general health. With this information, ECPs can confidently discuss treatments, including supplements that improve their patients’ overall health and visual performance.

“LifeMeter provides a clear indicator of the deficiencies that can lead to serious medical issues such as age-related macular degeneration and general health issues,” said MacuHealth Founder and CEO Frederic Jouhet. “Early detection coupled with proper targeted nutritional supplementation will enhance the health of patients, including benefits to the heart and brain as well as reduced inflammation, and significantly improve visual health and performance outcomes.”

Once a carotenoid supplement regimen has been initiated, improvement in carotenoid status can be seen within a month using LifeMeter’s quick and accurate feedback.

The science behind LifeMeter is supported by over 30 peer-reviewed publications demonstrating its validity, consistency and effectiveness in over 2,000 subjects of varying races, ethnicities, and ages.

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